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I N D I A   T A T T O O   A R T I S T

O r n a m e n t a l

F i n e  L i n e

Lotus flower by india tattooartist

M a n d a l a

F l o r a l

J E W L E R Y  F O R  Y O U R  B O D Y 

Tattoo artist in Portugal and around the globe


She lets herself be inspired by mandalas, ornamental compositions, nature the universe and her Indian roots which enlighten her work in distinctive way where she dedicates her heart and soul to every single piece created 


In a monochrome studio that frees the attention to the art produced within its 4 walls, she offers a harmonious, unique and individual experience to all her clients. 


India grew up surrounded by art and now uses skin as her canvas.

"Together we create art" - 

India assinatura.png
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